I need to share emails between two computers

By ziggihaha ·
We are using the same office router and both pc's are plugged into the router.

I am using windows live mail, the main pc is working with windows 7 on it and the second pc is working with windows vista business.

I need it so that the main pc is the primary receipent and that pc2 can see the emails either excatly as they are on pc1 or they have their own copy of all of the emails received. The emails once read are filed into different folders listed below.

I would also like t know how to share the files across both pc's if possible. I prepare quotes and invoices that are kept on pc1 but it would be good if a second person could work from pc 2 and create or amend folders but keeping the oroiginals on pc1's hdd. As this is one that I back up regularly.

Any help would be appreciated as I am no tech head and reading previous blogs I have not yet found one that helped clearly succeed with what I need to do. I think you can use Imap for the emails, the pc's have separate names and are on the same work group if that helps.

Many thanks,


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Well as Windows Live mail is a Cloud Solution

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I need to share emails be ...

With the E Mail held on the Microsoft Servers not your local machine there is a problem.

You can not have 2 machines logged in simultaneously to Windows Live Mail at the same time. But as you access Windows Live Mail through a Web Browser all of the rest is OK as when you move mails into the desired folders on one it's going to be that way when you open the Browser on the other computer.


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Assuming you are using MS Office applications...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to I need to share emails be ...

to create your quotes and invoices, you can create and share them within Microsoft's Sky Drive. Sky Drive is incidentally free up to a certain amount of space. It's also noteworthy that items within the Sky Drive are backed up by MS. How and whether or not this is suitable to your business in terms of your ability to retrieve them in the event of something unexpected is a source of further conversation outside the scope of this particular post.

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