I need Win7 "usb to serial" drivers for a Radio Shack cable

By tl3883 ·
I have a Radio Shack "usb to serial" cable I used on on my GPS to XP laptop connection. I now have a new laptop with Win7. The old drivers won't work. Radio Shack doesn't have updated drivers. Does anyone know of chipset drivers that will work?

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XP mode

by tl3883 In reply to Maybe use XP mode, it cha ...

Microsoft site says XP mode will only install on Win7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise. My Win7 is the home version.

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In that case if you to, put a light XP on V-box for your GPS

by cmatthews In reply to XP mode

This is the only real way to get XP then.

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Software update?

by oldbaritone In reply to I need Win7 "usb to seria ...

Many years ago, I had serial driver problems when the update came from Win-98 to 98SE.

It actually wasn't a driver problem; it was a software problem. The software was trying to access the serial port in a privileged manner that was no longer allowed as of 98SE.

So, is there a new Windows-7 version of software for the GPS? That might be another place to check.

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The last serial GPS I loaded was a Garmin with squat for flash..

by cmatthews In reply to Software update?

..memory (128meg), maybe it's one of those? The driver worked under XP though, so maybe it'll work in XP-mode.. Or maybe in XP on V-box..

Yesterday I though it was good news to hear MS is now allowing any CPU to do XP-mode. Can you believe Intel made even some Quad-core's that had no VT support? What a rip!

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GPS new software.

by tl3883 In reply to Software update?

I will check and see if the GPS has new software. The problem will be installing on the GPS since the cable I have won't work.

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