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I need your help:

By kongmengkue ·
i have deleted all the files on my computer by mistake. now when i turn it on it says "system.ini not found, please insert your emergency boot disk. i am lost and clueless. My computer is a hp and the recovery disk does not work. please help me.

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by acchong In reply to I need your help:

Your problem can be solve by reinstall the Windows.

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Do This

by TheGodfather In reply to I need your help:

Get to DOS and type in SCANREG/RESTORE

Pick a date when your system had all the necessaey files and that should sort it.

If not then: Use FDISK / mbr at the DOS prompt.

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by dan_tap In reply to Do This

Try to copy the ini from an existing system which is Win98 and copy it to your PC.

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by brian In reply to I need your help:

Are you sure the disc doesn't work? Check your bios by hitting F1 after powering computer on. Then goto Boot and make sure ATAPI CD device is first in the boot sequence. Once it is the system restore should launch when you boot the system.

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Before reinstall/format, try this...

by mrafrohead In reply to BOOT TO CD

There is a program called OnTrack Emergency Data Recovery. It has worked wonders for me. Use that to recover the file that you need.

You're lucky because you only lost your System.ini file. Since there's only one of those lost, you can use thetrial version for this one time and recovery your computer.

Here's the link for this OUTSTANDING software.

And no, I'm not a rep for the company. I had pictures on my hard drive that I took during my daughters birth. I formatted my hard drive, made a fresh install of Windoze and then after all of that defragged the drive. Then I remembered that the pics were not backed up. I used that program and was able to recover every single one!!! Good for me because those are irreplaceable.

Find it at

Other than that, good luck!!!


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by tmcclure In reply to I need your help:

before you reinstall, if you do not have a backup of your files. If you use the MyDocuments folder, rename it before starting the reinstallation.

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