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    i-Net+ and A+ certifications


    by nlynn ·

    I am a career changer interested in becoming i Net+ certified. I understand this is a new certification backed by the industry and developed by CompTIA. I’m also working on A+ certification and MS Office MOUS specialist certification.
    In your opinion, will I be employable with these certifications? I have some skill with HTML 4.0, CSS and slight knowledge of JavaScript. From what I understand, I seem to be gravitating towards Webmaster work. What about CIW Design certification? Without spending a great deal of time in formal education, what else would be helpful?
    My background is in customer service and I am self taught in HTML, e-commerce trends and dynamic marketing strategies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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      i-Net+ and A+ certifications

      by avachon ·

      In reply to i-Net+ and A+ certifications

      You certainly are employable with A+, iNet+ and or MOUS. The first two are vendor neutral-A+concentrates on hardware, computer sytem history, machine troubleshooting whereas iNET+ gets into the details of lan/wan/man setup, cable lengths, network hardware (routers, brouters, switches, hubs, repeaters, etc.). These two complement one another. MOUS takes you into office software -access, excel, etc. and could lead to training (MCT) or end-user support or in-house training. JavaScript, however, follows more of the msdn path (programmer’s path) so you are splitting yourself in the middle. You might want to look into site builder (building web sites), mcp+i (look at microsoft’s website under certifications)and perhaps concentrate more fully on web design (front page as part of office)to bring the MOUS and web design pursuits closer together. All of these are good certs, but you may want to focus on a couple and then evaluate what you really want to do everyday.

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      i-Net+ and A+ certifications

      by guy ·

      In reply to i-Net+ and A+ certifications

      I am an IT Trainer, but that does not make me an expert on the Employability of certificates.

      Anecdotal evidence suggests that LACK of certificates will mean that large organisations will bin your application. However smaller organisations will be more impressed on you as a person, and examples of your work, e.g. a web design smart HTML pages.

      My impression is that the MCSE / MCSD is well regarded, but that MOUS has not really caught on. My understanding of the A+ certificate is that it is a basic certificate for techies.

      In summary, go for jobs using your experience, and examples of what you can do. Be prepared for 10 rejections before you get your dream job.

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