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I never claimed that MY solution is best for all

By Vulpinemac ·
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The other capacitive styluses I'm talking about use a metal nib...

by Vulpinemac In reply to I never claimed that MY s ...

protected by a clear plastic shield so you can see through to the display. A lot different from that soft foam tip you experimented with. Yes, it still as a wide contact area, but with the metal nib much closer to the glass, you have a tighter, supposedly more accurate mark.

Personally, I agree that using the typical foam-tipped stylus is like trying to write a thesis with a crayon but almost any other type of tip is practically guaranteed to damage the display over time. The old pressure-sensitive displays were eminently more accurate, but also easily damaged. You just have to find the right tool that meets your needs.

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by Slayer_ In reply to The other capacitive styl ...

Use a mouse or drawing pad if you need that much precision.

Who are you talking to? lol.

I don't know if the iproducts understand what to do if a mouse is plugged in but the Android products do. Someone that has an iproduct can comment on if a mouse can be used.

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He's talking to someone in a mainline Discussion.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What?

He's taken it offline, so it wound up here.

Remember, friends don't let friends Take Offline.

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Friends make friends mainline discussions...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to He's talking to someone i ...

not offline them

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Friends don't encourage friends to mainline

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Friends make friends main ...

Pushers encourage people to mainline, not friends.

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He's replying to me. (nt)

by JJFitz In reply to What?
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You have brought this damage thing up before

by JJFitz In reply to The other capacitive styl ...

I have used a tablet and stylus since 2004 - upgrading every two year or three years and I have never damaged a screen with the stylus. I think the stylus tips are made of nylon. They wear down and are replaceable but they don't damage the screen.
Maybe you are talking about the old Palm Pilot or iPaq styli. The screen technology is different and any tip would work on them.

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were eminently more accurate, but also easily damaged

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to The other capacitive styl ...

I still prefer 5-wire resistive but never had a problem with a capacitive display with a plastic nibbed stylus. Capacitive displays, specifically surface touch capacitive, have a protective coating that lasts, pretty much, forever.

If you are referring to projected capacitive, which I highly doubt you are, they are impossible to harm with a metal rod as a stylus. You can use a hunk of rebar on those.

A soft stylus works best for surface wave screens, though they can't be damaged and are the most durable of all touch screens, they are not designed for tip accuracy but more for a gloved hand, soft stylus etc. But they do look best for clarity and work best for durability, which is what most banks use now for ATMs.

I've worked with Elo Touch (div. of Tyco), who invented most of this technology. Having sold literally thousands of touch screens in countless markets, to mobile device manufacturers like Motorola, POS manufacturers like Positrace, Micros, Casio etc. and kiosk/ATM builders, I've seen the drawbacks to each technology in the wrong application.

I don't think either of you are actually wrong, but the debate over damaged screens got me interested.

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