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i nid - and of using off shelf website? i have never used one before

By Ravau ·
i am trying to create a an alumni webpage page, for students, and management thinks we should go for off shelf packages, can any one tell me where to get them and -/+ of using off shelf websites

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Well I suppose if I understand your question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i nid - and of using of ...

As you intended the Off the Shelf Web Sites would be available from the Hosting Company who you are using to Host the Web Page/Site.

As for the Draw Backs it would be a general Layout and structure which is unlikely to suit your needs exactly as you require. This would require you altering your Data and the way it's displayed to suit your needs.

The main advantage is that it's cheap to acquire initially though it may end up costing considerably more by the time that the Data and so on is entered in a way that is usable.


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Cheat the system

by santeewelding In reply to i nid - and of using of ...

Go behind the scenes.

Rope in a pro with a tale of woe and challenge.

I did.

Cash helps.

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