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I no longer subscribe to PC Magazine because ....

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
I want PC Magazine to be about personal computers, not MP3 players or HDTVs.

For a full explanation of where I'm coming from you can read my blog:

How do you finish the thought?

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It is not longer useful.

by faradhi In reply to I no longer subscribe to ...

Like you I found it has moved more to consumer electronics.

Also, they used to have sections that pertained to the professional. They often reviewed enterprise level solutions. I have found that they dropped most of that. So I dropped them.

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Doesn't matter

by mjd420nova In reply to I no longer subscribe to ...

What magazine you buy, they are trying to buy new subsribers, and that means broadening their field. Appealing to more users, across a larger cross section of the public. BYTE started out as a small mag, maybe 100 pages. My mailman almost refused to bring mine after a while, when it blossomed to 400 pages. Most of which was advertising. After all, that's who puts the money up to get it on the presses to start with.

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I dont

by zlitocook In reply to I no longer subscribe to ...

Get the paper magazine but I use it on line for free. And if you register online there are alot of free downloads.

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My answer

by maxwell edison In reply to I no longer subscribe to ...

....because it's all on the Internet, somewhere, if you just know where and how to look; and since the Internet is free, while a subscription to PC Magazine is not, it's a no brainer.

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The f'ing ads...

by jmgarvin In reply to I no longer subscribe to ...

Who the **** wants to pay $8/issue for 10 pages of content and 250 pages of ads?

There is this new thing I like to call the garvnet. It allows read magazines via your computer. You to use, what I call a garvin looking tool, to "travel" to the magazine that you want to read.

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it's not worth it

by NickNielsen In reply to I no longer subscribe to ...

Too much money for too little content that I can get elsewhere.

The only thing remotely worth reading is Dvorak, and even he has his off days.

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My comment to Mark's Blog

by JamesRL In reply to it's not worth it

My PC Magazine experience.

Once upon a time I worked for a software company that was coming out with an amazingly good first product. It just so happened PC Magazine was coming to town with a roadshow, and both the editorial writers and others were coming.

I was excited, we were going to meet the editorial staff and do a demo of the last version before production model. There was also a mini trade show where we could man a booth and show invited readers what we were working on.

Our demo was at 9 AM. John Dvorak, someone whose columns I read avidly, arrived late and really never was "there". The others were not terribly interested in what we had to show. They just didn't get it. That software by the way sold millions of copies, and made the company into a powerhouse. When Dvorak wrote about being in our city, he was more in a tiff about software rentals and copywrite laws than about the software.

What I experienced at the mini trade show was the salespeople (me) became the customer. The hunter became the hunted. Ad sales reps from PC Magazine put on the full court press. We were lead to understand what it would take for the editorial board to pay attention. And that was a big ad buy.

I became a little more cynical about PC Magazine after that experience. Maybe you can't buy love, but you can buy attention.


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Meeting the Mighty

by Too Old For IT In reply to My comment to Mark's Blog

I met Wayne Green of 73 Magazine under similar circumstances. (Pre PC's) he had my resume under consideration as a columnist. When we met for dinner, he was in a sharing meals mode, and talking about his new magazine venture.

Never did get around to talking about writing, which may have been just as well.

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I've met Prime Ministers

by JamesRL In reply to Meeting the Mighty

And several of them, who were less self important than John Dvorak.


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I still subscribe but......

by jor55 In reply to My comment to Mark's Blog

When renewal times comes, I hesitate for a long time, and say 'what the heck' and send them another check. However, I agree, there is less and less PC material and more and more commercial drivel. One thing that almost gets me to toss the thing is the foldouts in the front and back and at various places. If you are reading the mag in bed, which I often do, the damn foldouts get in the way. They get so irritating, often when I get the magazine from the mailbox, I sit in the car and tear out the foldouts, then take the mag home. PLEASE...More PC tech and less commercial 'govno'.

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