I once edited the right-click menu to add things...

By mistercrowley ·
What I want to do is use regedit to add to the right-click menu so that I can use Outlook 2010 and not just rely on the web version of Yahoo Mail to pop up.

If I do it that way, the Yahoo way, I still have to attach the items when the page loads.

Help, please....

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right-click menu WHERE?

by TobiF In reply to I once edited the right-c ...

Are you talking about some functionality in explorer? (And what version of Windows).

Or are you trying to right-click in some application? I hope you realize it's much easier to answer if you include that type of information.

And also: What is it, that you're trying to do? Send files as attachments via email?

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File Attachment

by SP1D3R In reply to right-click menu WHERE?

by this:
"still have to attach the items when the page loads."

I think he means he wants to use a direct method to attatch a file to a new email, with an application launch. So that say, he could take Numbers+Graph.xls, right click, then send to My interpretation anyways, clarification would supersede assumptions ofc.

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Probably, default MAPI handle needs to be restored

by TobiF In reply to File Attachment

That's, more or less, my assumption, as well.

What I don't understand, is why OP was tweaking the registry for this. By default, you have a SendTo item for MAPI send.

Maybe he did a registry tweak to open Yahoo instead of pulling the systems native MAPI handles.

But, before digging deeper, it would really be good to have some clarification.

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