i purchased an oem copy

By vcruz53 ·
i purchased an oem copy of windows 7, installed it and then about a month later i get a notice that it is pirated, yet i have the original disk and the key on the stiker from the box, i informed the company i purchased it and they send me an rma to retrieve so that i can be replaced.

how is it possible this to happen to an OEM compy which i received in its box and windows logo and key impressed upon windows sticker... can there be any explanation?

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by seanferd In reply to i purchased an oem copy

Someone made infringing copies including fake COA stickers, then sold them to your supplier. It happens. Could be your supplier is involved as well, or maybe not.


Check out the fake Windows COA gallery.

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Replace you?

by santeewelding In reply to i purchased an oem copy

I had no idea they were getting that tough with piracy.

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Really! I missed that bit.

by seanferd In reply to Replace you?

Sounds like the software police are adopting RIAA tactics.

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RE: so that i can be replaced.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i purchased an oem copy

Perhaps you should tell us the name of this company before they replace you and then there is no one to tell us what they have done. I'm sure that the authorities will want to investigate your disappearance at some point in time.

As to your question about the Pirated Software it could very well be a Pirate Copy which was slipped in under the radar by it's makers or it could just as easily be a False Positive where M$ has Shock Horror made a mistake through shoddy programing with Windows Genuine Advantage.

Or even if it's a Legit Copy someone could be using the same product Key to Violate M$ Copyright.

Recently one of the Computer resellers in the States was caught selling Intel Core 2 Display Boxes as genuine Intel CPU's not sure if that was just a mistake or if no one bothered looking at the stock from a new supplier but it happens.


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