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    I put a CD in and system freezes.


    by angel4two ·

    I have a DVD Rom and CD/RW. The drivers are all updated and the hardware is recognized. I have tried all combinations of master/slave to the hard drive as well as on IDE 2 but everytime I put a cd of any kind into either drive (even blanks), it freezes my whole system to the point that I have to cut the power. I reboot, with the CD(s) still in, then it will read & work fine. What is the problem? Lori

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      Reply To: I put a CD in and system freezes.

      by willcomp ·

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      Most probable suspect is CD burning software. Try uninstalling it and see what happens. If drives read normally, then reinstall burning software.

      Easy CD Creator is known to cause problems, especially older versions (prior to 6.0) and Win XP.

      You may want to try removing upper and lower filters first. Although behavior you describe is not normally attributed to filters (drive not recognized is usual symptom), won’t hurt to try. See link below for instructions.;en-us;314060


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      Reply To: I put a CD in and system freezes.

      by dmiles ·

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      If the computer will not boot into windows

      If you cannot even get into DOS, this is most likely due to one of two things.

      a) hardware is bad, or is not connected correctly.
      i) If the RAM or one of your drives (CDROM, floppy, or hard), or one of your cards are plugged in wrong, you won’t even see the memory count when you start your computer. You may hear loud beeping sounds when you power up the computer. These beeps mean something isn’t connected properly. Check all cables. Make sure ribbon cables are not plugged in backward. The stripe on the cable should be closest to pin #1. Check the RAM, you may have this in backward. Check the LED cables (the hard drive power light, the turbo LED, etc.) These may be plugged into the wrong sockets. Don’t mess with anything that you’re sure was working fine before! Look to see if something is loose, but don’t plug things in different ways if they were working correctly before.
      ii) If you haven’t changed a thing in your computer and it just suddenly won’t boot up, it is likely that something has gone bad in your computer.

      b) hardware is not set up correctly in BIOS.
      i) In most computers, you access the BIOS by hitting the DEL key on your keyboard just after you power up your computer. Some computers may use the ESC key instead. If you just installed a new hard drive or something, it is likely that you may need to configure it in the BIOS. Luckily, most computers these days are able to self-detect and configure themselves, so the process isn’t too difficult.

      If you can get a DOS prompt, but windows locks up immediately or doesn’t finish loading, it is most likely due to a device driver conflict. This problem can usually be isolated with a little detective work.

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      Reply To: I put a CD in and system freezes.

      by ozi eagle ·

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      I suspect that your power supply might be on the way out. Try another.

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