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I put in a search. Says 54 reponses.

By lnlcomputers ·
I want tech support, just like u, for the problems we face. I type in the problem, I get ********. If I click around like crazy, occasionally I can get on a thread that's dealing with my problem. God never knows how I got there, so it is difficult to replicate. I get really off the wall on the top links. Nothing to what I requeste.

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by lnlcomputers In reply to I put in a search. Says ...

And I'm paying for this. I usually get my solutions from Google groups without a dime. If they say I got 54 responses, f.....g list them! I have no idea what that crap is in front of me, do u?

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I will get

by zlitocook In reply to I put in a search. Says ...

In hot water here but, I know what you are saying. If you search for a problem you get a box saying that you need to refine your search. I just look in the areas that have the O/S that I am looking for. The search fields here bring up alot of things you do not need or things to buy. But this is a great place to learn and down load great things.

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by lnlcomputers In reply to I will get

Yea, I dropped 15 bucks for a dl that did diddly for me...

I getting jaundiced...

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Try Technical Q&A

by TheChas In reply to I put in a search. Says ...

I also have problems finding articles that I know are on the site. It can take me 3 or 4 searches to find a specific article.

On the plus side, the TR staff is working on a major site upgrade project.

If you have a specific problem that you are trying to resolve, I suggest that you post a question in the Technical Q&A section of the site.

Most of the time, you will get a response within a few hours.


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