I really need your help

By Aaron A Baker ·
Dear Friends;
Long Time no hear.
Have not been all that well and had to take a forced Sabbatical.
Forced on me by my Doctor. "Heart".
Anyway, all better now and I am in need of your invaluable advice.
As you know, I Build,rebuild and maintain Computers for various Charities and Benevolent associations.
I would like to be able to check up and repair the units from my own CP at Home.
I sometimes travel 30 miles to get to some of these CPs,"at my own expense"
I have been looking everywhere for over a year, for a program that would be easily installed, easy to run and efficient in it's works.Being on a Pension, doesn't allow me to spend elaborately,if you know what I mean.
I had really wanted to sign in to these CP using nothing more than my XPPro.
However, regardless of the methods or program, I just can't seem to get it going.
There always seems something else that needs to be done and when done I'm just as bad off as I was before.
I could really use you help on this one my friends, surely there MUST be a program or method by which I could access my CPs from my own computer?.
I'd be very grateful for any advice that you could give.
Warmest Regards
My best to all

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If they are XP

by JamesRL In reply to I really need your help

Then you can use RDP for free, if you set it up properly first.

Nice to see you, I was just in Ottawa last week, I could have looked you up.


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Couple of Programs

by StealthWiFi In reply to If they are XP

LogMeIn ( free and doesn't require a user to be present

CrossLoop ( free but does require a user to type in a code (nice if your client wants privacy)

VNC ( free and works great, very small and easy to use


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