i screwed up the cpu

By marcusbur2003 ·
I have a problem related to the opening application. My cpu will not recognize my keyboard and will not boot up to my windows page. The cpu is a hewlett packard from 1998. I was removing unused programs and upgrading explorer when i was prompted to restart the computer. Upon restart it failed to boot up fully. I have a error reading the keyboard and i cannot reboot in safe mode. what can i do to get into my computer?

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How were you removing unused programs?

by ManiacMan In reply to i screwed up the cpu

Did you use the control panel to uninstall the programs as intended, or did you simple start deleting files and folders without understanding the consequences?

You may need to reinstall your OS, whatever it is, as you have failed to specify what you're running.

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You didnt screw up the CPU

by The Scummy One In reply to i screwed up the cpu

by uninstalling programs. Likely you uninstalled something that was needed to boot though. So, in essence, you screwed up the OS (Windows), not the hardware (cpu).

To start things off better, try running a repair on the system, or backup data and rebuild using the recovery disks (or fresh install disks).

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