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I seem to be on TR twice with the same account?

I'm am currently on posting and it seems that somebody else is ALSO on, posting with my account. How is this possible?

My history is littered with random posts and discussions.

I'm going to change my password, but HOW can this happen?

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It is because of how

by jdclyde In reply to I seem to be on TR twice ...

you created your user name.

When you use your email address as your account name, to protect you from yourself and spiders, TR truncates the name on the screen after the "@".

If someone makes it is a differnt account than to the system, but shows as the same name because of the truncation.

Edit your user name to JUST TechMail and send a peer mail to Jay / Smorty / or whom ever you deal with most and notify them of this.

Also include a link to the @#$@# sucks discussion. They will remove that discussion and that account.

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Are you bragging or complaining?!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I seem to be on TR twice ...

No, seriously, what do you mean by random posts? Ones that have your name but you haven't written?

You aren't one of the ones who set up a second/third account when the system went belly up a few months ago, are you? Could the site change have picked up something from that?

If there's any chance someone is impersonating you (it's happened before, to Tig2) I suggest you screenshot the posts and discussions, and email Doug, Jay or Smorty before it gets the chance to go any further.

Of course, you do realise it could all be alcohol related - we've had instances (many! ) of drunken posting before!!


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Was that you who started a flame discussion.....?

by maxwell edison In reply to I seem to be on TR twice ...

...against another peer (this morning)? It was from some TechMail account.

TR nuked it after only a few minutes.

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I think his account has been hacked

by NickNielsen In reply to Was that you who started ...

The originator of the flame discussion used his profile as did the originator of this one, as well:

But I don't believe it's him, that's not been his style.

Techmail, I think your account has been hacked.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to I think his account has b ...

I've changed my name (put The on the front)
Password changed as well.

Lets hope that will throw the perp off my account.

Thanks All.

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If you were hacked

by jdclyde In reply to I seem to be on TR twice ...

then changing your password would only help if the hacker logged off their session. If they stay in as you, then they would not get hit with the password change, correct?

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