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i-Tablet from X2, what Apple COULD have done.

By Oz_Media ·
The X2 i-Tablet is coming out and should soon show what a tablet is actually capable of.
With optional choice of resistive or capacitive touch, right from the core they have it right.

Also they have offered the connectivity that Apple COULD have but decided not to, such as more memory, large hard drive, USB ports, and an option for LINUX or Windows 7...Yes I said LINUX.

Specifications on the iTablet include nultiple screen size choices, from 10.2 to 12.1 inches, both powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. A 1.3 megapixel web camera, a 250GB hard drive, Bluetooth and 3G, plus three USB 2.0 ports and HDMI out.

It will be available in several colours, to keep even the fashion concious happy too!


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That does look like a pretty cool tablet.

by seanferd In reply to i-Tablet from X2, what Ap ...

I enjoyed the comment about 1 kg being too heavy. Oh, I'm sorry, 1.2 kg. That's about arm-breaking, shoulder-dislocating mass in this gravity well, right? My mistake.

I'll be interested in what users have to say about it in the future.

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It will be predictable

by Oz_Media In reply to That does look like a pre ...

Whether people have used it or not, there wll always be those from the i-Pad farm that say iy is garbage because it is Windows, or garbage because it is LInux, with no other support for their false argument.

I don't expect anyone who actually sees value in an i-Pod, i-Phone or i-Pad to see value in a far superior device.

Of course the first sign of any trouble will be overinflated all over the net and parroted by thyose who actually use done, and mroe commonly those who just read someone else's complaints, valid or not.

VHS or Betamax?

I am interested in playign with one though, with Win7 being such an awesome OS I am almost becoming a MS fan, especiallly after finding out first hand that Vista was great despite public complaints, most of which were completely invalid.

When I first started around here, I was a NOvell admin and HATED anything MS with a passion. It took up so much of my time and I hardly had any time at work for TR or network games of Ghost Recon.

Now, despite my preconceived notions, Windows is offering a good OS, I'm sure it will prove positive in a tablet system. I won't talk about it's Linux values as I simply don't know Linux well enough these days to speak of it's strebgth sor weaknesses.

While I like the CONCEPT of the i-Pad being a consumer friendly, affordable tablet, the drawbacks (my main beef is the crappy touch system) are seemingly resolved in the i-Tablet. WIth Win7's reliable driver stability, speed and lightweight yet VERY intuitive interface, I think it will work very well with a capacitive or resistive touch system. The hadbwriting recognition and drawing capabilities alone would make it excellent. Add to that a sizeable HD, HDMI out, 3 USB ports etc. and you REALLY have a business worthy mobile computer now. I am not that big on the smaller screens as I need real estate for audio video editing etc., therefore I stray away from netbooks for that reason alone, but as a tablet it would seve an even more effective purpose than a miniature laptop.

I like it and want to play with one. We all know what an i-Pad is, a big i-Phone, and they have never stood out to me as a worthy mobile, yet alone a bigger mobile.

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As to

by seanferd In reply to It will be predictable

Apple products, I can't say I've been terribly impressed. I liked Macs in general, but haven't used them much. Couldn't care less about their mobile devices.

Windows 7 is a definite improvement in the world of MS offerings. It seems like it would be well-suited to this piece of hardware. I also like the fact that you can also get it with some variety of a Linux OS on it.

I can't say I'm much in the market for tablets, and will likely never run across one of these. This is why I would really like to hear from the people who buy and use them. I don't care what the peanut gallery's baseless opinions are, though.

Let us know about it if/when you get one.

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Apple products

by .Martin. In reply to As to

the Mac range has always been a high quality product, especially with the fact that apple make the hardware and software, resulting in a fantastic combination.

the iPod/iPhone range, although the hardware is something to be desired, has a good software and was (is?) very innovative.

the iPad, on the other hand, apple tried to get too many markets in one product, and failed. they started off putting a small processor in it, meaning it couldn't run OSX, and without the ability of expanding the unit (HDMI, USB, SD card slot), it thereby fell out of the quality computer range.

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Me too, sort of

by Oz_Media In reply to As to

Having worked in marketing and prmotions for years, I learned to appreciate the MAC for specific roles such as graphic design, video editing etc.

They realy lost it with the i-phone though. They introduced a smart phone wannabe, used old technology and simply updated a touch chipset while ignoring better feature sets already on teh market, in essence they 'made the skeleton dance' a sales term you may or may not be familiar with. Simply put, they took what is a flaw of the product and touted it as a positive, which is a very good sales technique but is also a con to the consumer. With the i=Pad, they have taken a substandard device and simply made it BIGGER? A first in the world of computing, it looks like a prototype for an i-Phone sales display or something. Bigger but nothing added?

I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for teh i-Tablet, but I think it will be some time before I have a real need that will justify the investment, unless I find some company that I can justify buying me one for some reason or another.

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big iPhone?

by .Martin. In reply to It will be predictable

thought it was a big iPod touch, with optional 3G data

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It is an i-Phone, isn't it?

by Oz_Media In reply to big iPhone?

minus the phone of course. But it looks like one of those oversized, nonworking models used for trade show displays.

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and the iphone

by .Martin. In reply to It is an i-Phone, isn't i ...

was just an ipod touch with a phone

they are very inventive at apple

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It should be good

by .Martin. In reply to i-Tablet from X2, what Ap ...

yes, because it has USB's, yes because it has a (optional) HDMI out and a large HDD. but the one reason it will be better is that:

a) it is not trying to be an e-book reader
b) it runs a <B>REAL</B> OS, not that iPhone junk

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Hear here

by Oz_Media In reply to It should be good

And beign a third party device, it will have both Linux and MS OS's available. Now 'that's' gonna grab some market attention, the one drawback I see will be marketing.

It will take a large partnership with a major player to start marketing the product properly and with enough money behind it to hit all corners.

One thign Apple has done very well is marketing, they partner with At&T which is clever, in that respect anyway.

Then again, we've seen that with Bose too, and look at the utter junk they pass off as high end audio to the unsuspecting customer. Much like Apple, Bose owners actually believe they bought a good product too, marketing makes or breaks these products, lets hope it's done properly.

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