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    I think I fried my laptop…USB Recovery in safe mode?


    by ianmans ·

    Oh dear. A few weeks ago, the plastic covering that protects the pins in the usb slot on the back of my laptop became unattached. I didn’t think anything of it as it still seemed to work ok. Until yesterday. When by accident I plugged my power cable in the usb slot (they’re right next to each to other), a burning plastic smell followed from inside the machine. I quickly realised but it was too late, the damage was done.

    So here’s the problem, I can turn the laptop on, but only in safe mode, which is really limiting. The laptop tries to load up, fails, then gives the option to load in safe mode which seems to work. Now, I tried attaching my external hard drive to recover my work but it won’t recognise it.

    Is there anyway I can recover my documents in safe mode?

    I’m sure there must be some button somewhere where I can add a little bit of functionality….Do you think it would be worth trying to get it repaired or is it a gonner?



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      by ianmans ·

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      “I’m sure there must be some button somewhere”…..

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to I think I fried my laptop…USB Recovery in safe mode?

      There is, and I reckon it’s probably the one that connects your telephone to a Computer Repair Centre.

      Any form of AC current going into a USB socket can only be bad – the acrid smell indicates that damage occurred.

      I’d would suggest that professional examination of the damage is probably the best, first, course of action if you ultimately want to have any chance of a working laptop. Continued use while attempting data recovery using an already damaged laptop will only end in frustration and possibly tears.

      You better course of action would be to remove the harddrive from the laptop and attempt data recovery while connected to another computer.

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