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I think I'm going to have a problem this year.

By OnTheRopes ·
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I found myself cussing at the TV set this morning. They're already airing Christmas commercials! It's tooooo early! The commercial was for a radio station that's calling themselves the "Christmas Station." They say that they're going to start playing Christmas carols starting the first of November.<br><br>
Does anybody else think that it's too early for any Christmas hoopla?

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This morning??

by Shellbot In reply to I think I'm going to have ...

I was out shopping 2 saturdays ago..
went into one shop i would frequent and they had xmas cards and tags and wrapping apper out...i thought WTF??
Next shop..also had same stuff out..
then went to a pharmacy (big one like Shppers Drug Mart for those in canada) they had the same, plus all sorts of choclates, gift sets etc..

Then went to my favorite department store..didn't see anything xmassy, then went up to housewears.. they had the whole friggin thing..all the display trees set up and decorated..everything..even a very muted xmas song playing just in that localised area..

Its all just too much..i LOVE christmas..but I love it in december

So yes..its WAY to early..

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I don't get out of the house very much.

by OnTheRopes In reply to This morning??

My usual week consists of going to the grocery store, gas station and maybe a restaurant. I've no idea what the stores are doing. It's a bit depressing, to me, that they've started putting up decorations already where you are. They've likely started here too.<br><br>
I remember back when I was a kid they waited until after Thanksgiving, then it got to be as soon as after Halloween. This year is the earliest I've noticed it and here they might've already been doing it for a couple of weeks... <br><br>
Wow. No exclamation point, just wow.

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Its sad really

by Shellbot In reply to I don't get out of the ho ...

Ya, when i was a kid..around mid-novemeber it all started happening..

the thing i find though, the earlier they put it out, the earlier people buy, and if you wait till december, everything that minght have been half decent is gone..thats the way it is here anyways..
don't take this the wrong way like, but i'm kinda hoping this recescion business will maybe slow people down a bit..

as we say every year..its all too commercial now..i miss being a kid and having the family around and stuff..
seeing the decoration in december always lifted my by the time we hit december i don't even notice them anymore they've been around for so long

dang xmas wreckers

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I am surprised that they dont just keep the Christmas sh!t up year round!

by The Scummy One In reply to Its sad really

then it will ALWAYS be on peoples mind!

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by Shellbot In reply to I am surprised that they ...

in london used to have a small year round xmas shop..not sure if they still do or not..

that was a novelty though..when everyone has it its just stupid..

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WORLDS largest Christmas store

by jdclyde In reply to harrods

They have bus trips there, from all around the country, all year long.

It really is a cool place to visit. They have EVERYTHING, including international.

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And while you are traveling to shop

by BFilmFan In reply to WORLDS largest Christmas ...

You can have breakfast at Angelo's!

I've been to Bronners, when I was consulting with GM. You are right, that is a kewl place that has some really unique stuff.

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I've been to Bronners too. Nice place.

by OnTheRopes In reply to WORLDS largest Christmas ...

Good chicken close there too if I remember right. Seemes like there are a couple of restaurants touting their chicken.<br><br>
A store that specializes in Christmas is different. I seem to remember a few other specialty stores in Frankenmuth too. I wonder if they've got Christmas decorations up already. <br><br>

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Bronners and Frankenmuth

by jdclyde In reply to WORLDS largest Christmas ...

Was really sad when Wally, the owner and founder, passed. He was a nice man that did a lot of others.

Frankenmuth is like a little Germany, as a lot of people in the region came from there. This little village is made to LOOK like it as well. While not usually one for just shopping, it is interesting there.

Zenders has the chicken. Very busy, all the time.

They have a winter carnavel with ice carvings and everything. Many car shows during the summer, and of course, OktoberFest. B-)

Not sure if they have anything up yet or not. I wouldn't think so, though. They seem to have more class than that, and it allows them to make a bigger deal of it if it doesn't last for months.

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Ok... add that ...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to WORLDS largest Christmas ... my short list of things I miss from no longer being in Michigan.
Bronners and the Birch Run Outlet Mall were highlights of November.

...'course, the way things are going, I may not have any extra cash to **** on Christmas this year.

Fortunately, the last time I was at Bronners several years ago, I stocked up on Advent Calendars. dem things. They always had an amazing selection!

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