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    I think Windows 10 on my system drive is corrupt

    by jaymrheel ·

    For reference, my PC build is a Ryzen 7 3700X on an MSI X570 motherboard, paired with an EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti.

    I have a 500GB Samsung SSD, which is what my Win10 OS was downloaded on. This is part of my first PC, which was bought second-hand, so I’m not the one who purchased the OS originally. I also have a 2TB Hybrid drive and a 1 TB HDD.

    My friend is building a PC, and I gave him my 1 TB HDD to compliment his build. In addition, since I am getting a new PSU, I am giving him my current 600w PSU, which I know is horribly underpowered for my setup, hence the new PSU. Yesterday I took out the PSU and connected it to his buid to make sure it works, and install an OS. After that, I put the PSU back in my build.

    I went to power my PC on after reconnecting everything, and I am confronted with a black screen saying no OS was found on any of my drives. I disconnected the rest of my drives besides the SSD, and that didn’t work. I removed it and plugged it into a laptop with an adapter, and all the files are there including the windows folder, it apparently just won’t boot and I don’t know why.

    Is it corrupted? What do I do to get this working without losing all my data?

    Edit: The SSD with Win10 on it is from my first PC which was bought secondhand, meaning I did not buy and install windows personally

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      Not sure!

      by jtailor2233 ·

      In reply to I think Windows 10 on my system drive is corrupt

      I’m not sure yet about your system drive is corrupted or not? But you can take your own decision. If you think that your drive is corrupted then you can reinstall it. Thank you!

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        Product Key

        by jaymrheel ·

        In reply to Not sure!

        Is there any way to get the product license or key from the drive, since I can still access the drive from a different computer? Don’t want to have to pay $100 for win10

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