I unistalled my onboard graphics to force use on new GPU, now i need them!!

By nicholemenz ·
Please help me, my GTX 690 graphics card is faulty and needs to go back for a service, part of trying to get it to work properly involved me uninstalling the onboard graphics altogether, it was the only way to force the pc to use the GTX 690. Now i need my onboard graphics back but when i went to the motherboards site and downloaded a driver my pc says it cant use it. I have a Maximus V Formula (ASUS/ROG) motherboard. It will not auto-dect them when i scan for changes and when i install legacy hardware it doesnt work.

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You probably need to determine the exact chipset of the onboard graphics,

then download the driver for that. Sometimes you can get a PC booted with a recovery disk to just use VGA, then load the drivers in recovery mode.

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A couple of options to determine which chipset:

by cpguru21 In reply to I unistalled my onboard g ...

Look at the mother board and find the Model and REV no (usually near the RAM slots).

you can try Belarc Advisor, which is a piece of software you install from www .belarc.com/free_download.html (remove the space between www and .belarc....)

Hope this helps.

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Make sure you have the onboard enabled in the BIOS

by Slayer_ In reply to I unistalled my onboard g ...

And then when you get your new card, disable the onboard again.

Once you enable the onboard, boot windows. It should use the standard VGA drivers.
Then just install the drivers again. They probably came with your motherboard disks.
Find the disks that came with your computer, there should be one for the mother board and insert it.
Most will have an option to install the chipset drivers and occasionally they will seperatly list audio and video drivers.

In the future, just disable in the BIOS.

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