I upgraded my ram and my pc doesnt boot up anymore

By leonardohchoi ·
So I recently upgraded my ram from 4gb to 8gb both DDR3. Now i am supposed to have 12gb of RAM. The first time I started my PC after installing the new RAM stick the PC worked normal and when i checked the task manager the computer was running with 12gb like it is supposed to. The next time i booted up my PC the fans turned on for a second then turned off and after a few seconds its turns on again by itself and turns off again and keep repeating this forever. So i took out the new 8gb stick out and started the pc and it worked completely normal. So i tried putting the new 8gb stick back in and the first time after that it worked but then after it did the same thing that it turn on for a second and off and repeats.

Can someone please help?
motherbord: MW-H61H2-M2
RAM (the new one i got): 8gb DDR3 1866mhz
PS: I know this motherboard only supports 1333mhz for the RAM but shouldn't it automatically downclock it so it matches?

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The RAM may be mismatched with the existing RAM

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I upgraded my ram and my ...

So remove the original RAM and try again. If it works properly without the original RAM fitted there is a Timing error between the different RAM Modules and they are unlikley to work properly together.

Also look at the M'Board and see if there are Colour Coded sockets for the RAM. Fitting different RAM to the same colour sockets is asking for trouble as the M'Board will try to run the RAM in Dual Chanel Mode and that just doesn't work with different size RAM Modules.

You should also test the RAM with something like the Ultimate Boot CD to see if there are any issues with each Module which could be causing the problem The Ultimate Boot CD is a free utility disc which you can download and use free so if you go looking for it and you are asked to pay for anything you have clicked on the wrong link.

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La RAM puede no coincidir con la RAM existente

by williamethan475 In reply to The RAM may be mismatched ...

Pues simplemente la RAM se quemó o vino menos que la pruebes en otra compu a ver...

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by Alice Samanta In reply to I upgraded my ram and my ...

Try to configure it properly by taking help of some technical expert.

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