I wanna set my webcam to auto record video when there is motion.

By Slayer_ ·
Anyone know of any free trustworthy software to do this?

I have a Mandriva VM on Virtual Box if that can be used instead, otherwise I am running Win XP Pro.

The webcam is a simple Logitech camera that is not even worthy of a model number on it.

If Windows one, preferably one that does not require a verison of .net

If a Mandriva one, someone will have to tell me how to get VirtualBox and Mandriva talkign with my USB's.

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Beauty being in the eye of the beholder (apparently !!) ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I wanna set my webcam to ...

You'd be the best judge of which, out of these 2,150,000 was trustworthy software.


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I have been searching

by Slayer_ In reply to Beauty being in the eye o ...

I have tried 4 or 5 different ones.

Dorgem or something like that, was the closest, and I got it taking pictures, but the Motion detection didn't work well, it detected everything as motion, I am guessing because of the low quality camera, everything is grainy?

And many many others seem to require Java or .NET, two things I strictly avoid.

So if someone could even narrow the search down or something, would be handy.

I tried everything on this site as well, nothing useful


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RE: "..Java or .NET, two things I strictly avoid." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have been searching

Are you serious?

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Yes, java so far, 5 out of 5, has crippled my system

by Slayer_ In reply to RE: "..Java or .NET, two ...

After it was installed, usually it breaks Windows firewall and a couple of times it has put me into endless BSOD's.

.NET1.1 is fine, but after it's first service pack, it is permenantly in your system, uninstalling it can cause your system to endless BSOD (Did so on a few test machines of mine). .net2 and .NET3 I have proven to cause your system to suffer performance loss.
I'd like to point out too you, after my system is booted, my total commmit charge is only 220mb.

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RE: "my total commmit charge is only 220mb." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yes, java so far, 5 out o ...

What of though?

220MB of WHAT? - What % of total available?

I fear you may be getting sucked into the war of 'Who's got the biggest & Who's got the best.'

You wouldn't be quite so anxious to announce it to the world, if the figure you were quoting was the BrakeHorsePower of your car after you had fired up its engine. (Small isn't always good.)

I don't quite see what point you are trying to make here other than how under utilised your computer system is.

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I like to keep it lean

by Slayer_ In reply to RE: "my total commmit cha ...

So I can get best performance while gaming.

Usually while I am actually using my computer I'll easily use up my 3 gigs of memory, between games, movies and virtual machines, usually all at the same time.

But I just want a quick to use App that I can have ready by noon tomorrow.

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Try this site out for your Vid capture issue......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to I wanna set my webcam to ...
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Lots of shareware crap but I found one that works good

by Slayer_ In reply to Try this site out for you ...

Ill get 30 days of use, and the open house is tomorrow, so that's good enough, thanks.

If anyone has any free solutions, I'm still interested.

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Let us know

by Dr Dij In reply to Lots of shareware crap bu ...

how the software works and which one?

I had one years ago but company is not around anymore.

would compensate for slow changes in light such as sunset or sunrise, not recording.

I used another for timelapse. actually caught palm tree, when aimed out the porch, opening seed cluster and 5' long sheath falling off

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Webcam Surveyor is the one I found works

by Slayer_ In reply to Let us know

It seems to do a pretty good job. Perhaps I will youtube the open house videos.

I wish I could find my microphone to get audio as well.

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