I Want 2 Block Downloading

By bullshit_life ·
I asked the question at Yahoo..some1 told me ask ur question at dat site...

actul i have cafe shop nd i have bussnis one line . im provideing them wireless net work
i need 2 block them downloading plz hlep me out. if there is any software or some info plz let me kno thanx..

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It would help if you where to give some more information

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I Want 2 Block Downloadin ...

Like how are you providing a WiFi environment just a WiFi Access point connected directly to a Modem of some kind without any computers involved or are you running the entire Internet connection through a server and then sending the signal to a WiFi Access point?

With a Server you can disable downloads in the AD or GP's depending on how the thing is set up. If you are just using a modem connected to a WiFi Access Point you are going to have a lot more trouble in stopping any downloads as you'll need to go into the WiFi Setup procedure and see if it's possible to block downloads. Note if it is possible this will also prevent e-mail being downloaded as well as the people involved being able to access web pages.

But depending on the WiFi Access Point there may be a way around this problem and just prevent data downloads.


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