I want help for setting up a vlan between two canopy sm's

By steftheo ·
Hi I have a client who wants a vlan connection.
So the point is here, he have an canopy Motorola AP and two SM?s, the point is that i don?t know anything about this wireless devices.
I have looked at Motorola product page and support but as I was trying to set up the vlan I have lost the first time the connection and the second the management console from the public air interface.
So if anyone knows how to set up this connection between the sm?s from the beginning i will be grateful.

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Two additional vlan needed

by tang.francis In reply to I want help for setting u ...

Don't worry too much on the Motorola AP and SM, they are just bridges. All three wireless equipment are connected to three separate layer3 switches.

SM1 ------> AP <------SM2

1. Create a vlan2 for SM1 & AP with no default gateway
2. Create another vlan3 for SM2 & AP with no default gateway ip
3. Configure SM1 to allow access to vlan2
4. Configure SM2 to allow access to vlan3
5. Configure to allow traffic between vlan2 & vlan3 in AP, if you want traffic between SM1 & SM2.

Hope this help.

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