I want something which can open my softwares one by one on startup everyday

By Rahul_for_sms ·
Actully I have to open some softwares daily. But...
- I can't do it like some utility opens them all at once. I want them to open 1 by 1.
- I also have to type username and passwords so i really want that those get type automatically too.
Thats it. Please help I really appreciate some advice

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Write a batch file

by Rob Kuhn In reply to I want something which ca ...

If the applications can pass variables at the command line level then you can just write a batch file. Some apps will even provide a result value in which case you can add some logic to the batchfile.

If you can even get more sophisticated and write it in VB or some other programming language.

That said, if you are not able to pass variables at the command line then a batch file approach is moot.

You may also want to take a peek here and see if there's anything that would work for you:

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