I want to build a private cloud with storage and compute

By aleadfreak ·
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I'm looking to build a private cloud in the office with storage and compute.

I'll be looking to render videos on here as well as store files etc.

Thing is... I'm a newbie. Not much clue with regards to what I need and how to go about it.

If someone can help me with:

1) Any books or guides that might help me

2) What hardware do I need to get started



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Not that simple

by karlzimmerman In reply to I want to build a private ...

If you're a newbie to this and this is for production use, is there a reason this needs to be in-house and not a hosted private cloud that could be managed by a vendor with experience, or just going with a consultant with experience? Now, if you're also looking to have some fun and learn along the way and the end product isn't super important, then definitely build your own.

If you're looking for something easier to manage/setup you can go with VMware, though the licensing costs will be higher. There are open source options, like OpenStack, but that has a steep learning curve. What I'd recommend for leanring and hardware really depends on what software stack you go with, which will be based on what your needs are. There really is no common "private cloud" standard to go off of.

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