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I want to compare speeds of ram and the cpu hypertransport

By dragonfly522 ·
I'm not sure exactly what it is called, but the amd phenom x6 1055t cpu supposedly doesn't have a front side bus, but what it uses that is similar is hypertransport. Anyway, I would like to know if the bandwidth on the hypertransport is supposed to be the same as the bandwidth of the RAM in order to get optimal performance out of my computer. My guess is no, because on the amd website it lists the speed as 16GB/s. Can that number be converted to hertz? What I want to know most is what component of the cpu I should compare with the ram in terms of speed. My understanding is that the cpu is designed to support 1333 MHz at the most without overclocking it. Am I correct? I understand that I may be way uneducated or misinformed about all of this. If I had a cpu that uses a fsb, aren't there cpus with much higher speed than the ram, and if so, why doesn't that ruin the computer?

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Practically meaningless comparison.

by seanferd In reply to I want to compare speeds ...

And any possible conversions will not help. Look in the BIOS and see at which speed the RAM operates.

CPU cycles per second are also Meaningless Indicators of Processor Speed, just like MIPS.

Nothing to optimize here.


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RE: aren't there cpus with much higher speed than the ram

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I want to compare speeds ...

Yes there are but these are always a multiple of the Highest RAM Speed that is supported.

With Dual Chanel M'Boards the FSB is effectively twice the speed of the Fastest RAM that the CPU can support so if you have a 2666 FSB that means it can support the RAM in Dual Chanel Mode with a Speed of 1333.

Simerally with Triple Chanel M'Boards/CPU's the FSB of the CPU is 3 times the Highest Speed of the RAM that can be used so a 3999 FSB CPU can make the fastest 1333 RAM in Triple Chanel Configuration.

Of course matching the RAM to the CPU is ideal but without taking into account the M'Board Being used it's all fairly pointless as some M'Board Chip Sets while working with that CPU Type may not get the best out of that CPU Family or may not have a Full Feature Set that the CPU supports.

Also if you have On Board Graphics the CPU gets used to generate the Video as well as needing some system RAM to do the same thing. As Graphic Processing Units and Video RAM are faster than system RAM and CPU's using the CPU to generate the Video is not as efficient as a dedicated Video Card with it's own GPU and Memory.


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very good to know

by dragonfly522 In reply to RE: aren't there cpus wit ...

thx for the advice. is triple channel memory useful for non gaming and video/picture/music editing? does the amd x6 chip support it?

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I've just had a look at several AMD M'Boards

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to very good to know

And they all are Dual Chanel at the moment no Triple Chanel M'Boards are listed.


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