I want to connect my desktop hard drive to my hp laptop

By fafdsfs ·
My desktop is infected with a virus that keeps restarting my pc after 10sec so i don't have any time to do anything on it. I want to connect the hard drive to my laptop (if possible) so i can get rid of the virus and fix windows. Thanks

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Don't Connect

by El_Duce In reply to I want to connect my desk ...


Even though you can connect it, I wouldn't advise you to.
I think it would be better to boot your desktop with a bootcd or boot into safe mode in order to fix things

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go with live cd

by joykiranr In reply to I want to connect my desk ...

First, Have you booted the machine in safe mode? is it still rebooting?

If you have worked a bit with unix like os, you can use live CD's such as Ubuntu, Knoppix, Fedora etc...
Boot the desktop with one of those cd's, and start samba service in that. And then you can copy the data from that box. If you have only two machines, use cross cable. If connected with switch/router, straight cable works fine.
If you want to connect the HDD to laptop externally, you need to confirm whether its a IDE or SATA. you will get the connector for both IDE /SATA to USB at market. This will cost you a bit.
If you have another desktop, connect it as a slave and copy it.

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Well the easy thing is connecting to the NB here all you require is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I want to connect my desk ...

An adapter like the one here

That will allow you to connect any HDD type to a USB Port to do what you wish.

The hard part here however will be in cleaning the OS that is on the HDD as with all AV Products you need the OS that is Infected loaded to clean it out. If the OS isn't loaded then the Infection isn't active and can not be cleaned.

Also your description is very specific and sounds much more like a Hardware Problem not a Software issue. Will the Desktop remain Running if you open the BIOS and leave it there? If it still shuts down you have a Hardware problem that needs fixing first before you proceed any further.


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Can you boot to Safe Mode?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I want to connect my desk ...

If so, try running your anti-virus scans and disinfecting the computer from there. I would suggest you run multiple scans from Safe Mode too, using several different tools like anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware. What one doesn't find, another should.

To boot to Safe Mode, press the F8 key while the computer is booting, after the manufacturer's splash screen shows and BEFORE you see the Windows Logo. Timing is critical, so be quick and press that F8 key at just the right time.

Some free tools to use are:

Spybot Search and Destroy
AVG Free Anti-virus

Then, run CCleaner on the system when they're done.


To answer your question, you could buy a USB adapter or cradle to connect the HDD out of the PC to the laptop, but you run the chance of infecting the laptop too. Try disinfecting the system in Safe Mode first. If that fails, you can go to the next step of buying the adapter/cradle and attaching the HDD to the laptop.

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