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I want to design my Wind2003 Network

By TellMeWhy ·

I want to design my windows2003 network. Though I've read lots of network planning books but i am not able to come up with a nice basic simple plan to implement my domain, forest and site structure for my UNiversity. please help me build a plan.

Here's the departmental structure I have on which i have to implement my windows2003

We have 8 departments i.e. Computer Sciences, Maths, English, Business, Dental etc etc

We have a boys college and a girls college which also have the same departments

We have then 3 main categories of users, Students, Employees and Faculty so their computers also fall into same category.

Same with the girls college which is actually to be handled totally separately.

So how many sites should I create?

Should I go for two forests or one would be ok?

How many catalogue servers, schema servers and others be deployed?

IF you have any question then I'll be ready to answer.
Please help me plan this one guys.

Thanx and regards

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by CG IT In reply to I want to design my Wind2 ...

nice MCSE test question:

how many sites? you've mentioned 2

Catalogue servers? Schema server? if your running AD you'll need 2 DCs per domain [redundancy] with AD each DC is a peer. AD replication between DCs takes care of your catalogue/schema server question.

DNS though is a tricky question. The college suits have to decide on whether they want both colleges to talk to each other. If so, you might want to stick both under 1 tier 2 domain and seperate the 2 with subdomains each with their own zones.

you have your AD users and groups already specified in your question, matter of just deciding access permissions.

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by CG IT In reply to

one BIG thing you haven't mentioned is # of hosts, whether you'll host your own email, whethere there will be internet access, whether you'll use DHCP services, whether there will be remote access, what O/S will be run on workstations e.g. pre W2K or non Windows workstations, user storage requirements, database servers, web presence, etc

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by CG IT In reply to

setting up physical topology isn't that difficult and from that template, setting up the domain structure along with AD becomes accutely apparent.

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by TellMeWhy In reply to

OK Thanx CG, Hosts are around 500 PIIs, PIIIs & PIVs with Win2kpro installed. DHCP will be used. No remote access for now but may be in some distant future. Yes there is internet access and the proxyserver is in boys section while girls college will be getting this net access from boys college. All User data will be stored in tapes or in zip drive etc. No web Presence for now but real soon there will be but not with all the features like a mainstream university should have. Database servers are present. So how do you see my topolgy now ? Thanx for your help.

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by Greybeard770 In reply to I want to design my Wind2 ...

Keep it as simple as possible.

How many sites? How many geographical locations seperated by slow links do you have?

How many forests? One - unless you have a real serious reason for 2 in the beginning.

You didnt ask, but one domain as well.

How many OUs?- How many groups do you want to delegate management responsibility for?

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by TellMeWhy In reply to

I have one university campus (physical location) but boys and girls college are separated by a wall so it's one location.

I think one forest wud be fine as i have no reason for two.

one doamin and two sub domains wud be fine but what do you recommend?

There are three main categories of users and computers.

Employees, Students and Faculty while 8 departments e.g. finance, maths, english, IT, administration , registration etc.

How do i arrange them nicely into OUs or wud making a subdomain for 2 or 3 departments be better ...ok sorry now i am confusing myself.

thanx for the help plz guide me.

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by voldar In reply to I want to design my Wind2 ...

- one forest
- a root DC that will host the AD structure and the DNS (and maybe WINS if you have NT and W9x)
- two subdomains - one for the boys and one for the girls college
- AD should have nested OUs, such as:
OU for MAINSITE that contains two OUs:COMPUTERS and USERS
In the USERS OU you should create Groups for the 8 departments. And then create another 3 groups for students, employees and faculty. Add the users to the groups accordingly.
These 3 last groups you can create them in the MAINSITE OU.
And these you can use for the two subdomain also.
- because yo have 500 computers, think about the IP range you want to use, (a class B addresse maybe) and use at least two DHCP servers and two DHCP relay agents. (depends a lot about how you want the two "subdomains" to talk one two another and how you have the computers spread in your location).
- of course, you'll have 2 sites for the two subdomains.
- the DC in the two subdomains should be global catalogue servers also
That's an idea of what I would do (at first sight). Then, I can always play with OUs, as I like, if different GPOs would be applied.

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by CG IT In reply to I want to design my Wind2 ...

Still open huh? like I first said good MCSE question more specifically good exam 70-219 question.

what you intimate here is a physical topology question but is an Active Directory design question as well.

without doing the work for you here's Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure.

Design for simplicity, Design to accomodate change, Design to meet ideal design spec and most importantly, consider alternatives.

Here's the process.

create a forest plan, create a domain plan, create an OU plan and create a site topology plan. you create these plans from gathering information from: administrative structure, business structure, geographical structure, business processes , information flow,communications flow, and how decisions about how all this will work are made. you've only given us physical topology layout, but we need ALL the rest if you want us to design it for you which there isnt room here to do.

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