I want to discuss a topic. I am looking for a specific answer.

By jharvie673 ·
I would like to be able to sync My Documents and Outlook between my old desktop still in use with my new laptop using an Ethernet cable or other means.

Microsoft Help & Support doesn't seem to be able to help.

I assume other folks besides me would need the same thing. Is there a white paper?

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Bunch of clarification questions

by TobiF In reply to I want to discuss a topic ...

You're asking for specific answers.
If there are specific answers, then first the question needs to be more specific.

-What operating systems are we talking about?
-Version(s) of outlook?
-Are your computer(s) part of a domain?
-What kind of email server are you connected to? What protocols do you use (pop, imap or exchange)
-Are your computers in any way networked today? What kind of internet access to they have? Do they share the same LAN?
-Do you (intend to) use Outlook in parallel on both computers or only on one computer at a time?
-Is it critical to you to use Outlook or would another email client do? (What do you need from an email client?)

I know. Many questions. But if you can be clear on them, then we really can move down to constructive details.

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by NexS In reply to I want to discuss a topic ...
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I know

by TobiF In reply to Use

For general file management, I was thinking in this direction. But if the OP wants to use Outlook in parallel on two computers, then such a solution must NOT hit the email part, or he'll have a nervous breakdown within hours...

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by NexS In reply to I know

As an exchange, then?

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