I want to improve centos system speed

By maheirtt22 ·

We are using centos 5 in our office,we are installed net-beans 6.5, but it will not work fast and also system local database connectivity is very low speed .. system speed is very low , how to improve system speed...please give me a solution as soon as possible...

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What speed do you expect?

by Bizzo In reply to I want to improve centos ...

Is the system getting dramatically slower, or has it never run fast?
Did it slow down after you installed net-beans?
What are the specs of the machines?
How 'big' is the database?
At what point did you notice the speed reduce?

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Not a lot of info...

by Kingbackwards In reply to I want to improve centos ...

Not giving anyone much to go on with that question. Not listing any hardware specifics, or previous configurations. Give an example of what you expect, or sample of what you have seen do what you expected etc...

So excluding any application or OS configuration issues lets talk strictly hardware.

So for starters run "top" and watch your stats...

If you see you're using close to 80% cpu usage consistently, get a faster cpu.

If you see you're using close to 80% ram consistently. Buy more ram.

Depending on the size of the database/hard drive usage ("df -h"), it could be a hard drive throughput issue, possibly configuring a raid for the hard drives.

Depending on number of network connections to the machine make sure you have a gigabit ethernet.

So without anything more specific, thats about as specific as an answer can get.

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