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I want to improve my IT B.A skills

By rajeever ·
Dear friends,
I am working as an I.T B.A as a Contractor. Previously, I have done a Project in Q.A field. As this area is new to me. I need your guidance on the following areas:
1.) Good Books related to the B.A skills improvement.
2.) What are the points an IT B.A keep in his mind while learn the Domain. This is very confusing for me as domain is very big and consists of lot things. From where I can start?
At this moment as I these questions, will post more with the progress of time and hope will get answer from your side.

Thanks a lot for your help

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by manmohan74 In reply to I want to improve my IT B ...

Dear friend,

I would have appreciated more info w.r.t to the industry domain you are in/ur technical knowledge etc/total experience/domain knowledge / certifications etc to answer better. lemme try

Ur previous experience as QA, has led you to narrowly focus on the minute details that an user would look for from application, to user navigation/layout etc...

As a BA you have to shift your focus to look at beyond what is currently available/being offered and flexibility you can offer in your design so that further enhancements/requirements can be easibly built or can be directly used from what ur currently building.

Each domain/industry requires some specific skill set. AS a BA you need to know the basic terminology / high level understanding of the domain you are in. (Thumb rule client knows his business and you have knowledge to translate that business needs to an application which client would like to use).

I would suggest visiting and enroll for rational user groups. they have good number of IT white papers related to BA, case studies etc. Furthermore if you can network with similar professionals.

Its just not the domain you need to understand, you have to understand technology to knows its boundaries before you suggest a design approach and its more of your resource knowledge/ understanding that makes a good BA.

I am working as a BA for longtime now, u can reach me with specific questions. maybe i can help

Good luck

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Need Help

by pontiacns In reply to

Hi Manmohan
I'm a CS major looking to get into a BA role. As you seem to be quite experienced and have been in this line for some time, I need some guidance from you as to
1. What technical skills I need (front-ends, back-ends, DBs if any)
2. What will be the job responsibilties as a BA
3. What are the pressures of a BA job
4. Any and every useful material that you might have (pdf files etc) which you can forward to if you have time please.
5. What else I need to do to get prepared for a BA role.
As of now, all I know about a BA role is that I need to know the A-Z of UML, writing use-cases, specs etc
Please guide me with any possible advice you can offer.
Thanks a ton.
Waiting for your reply.

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