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By adztec ·
How can I change the hp pitcure that comes up when i boot my pc....also how can i change that windows music too.

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Boot Screens

by TheChas In reply to I Want to Know how

I assume that the HP image you are referring to is displayed while the system is going through the POST process and is soon replaced by the Windows Startup screen. Correct?

If so, that screen is a BIOS screen.
You might be able to enter BIOS setup and disable the Splash Screen. You will then see the good old DOS style POST screen.

Otherwise, the only way to replace it is to have a custom BIOS written for you that includes an image of your choice for the Splash Screen. Expect to pay at least $100 for a custom BIOS with your own image.

Keep in mind, that there always is some risk in making changes to the core BIOS code.

Now, your Windows Music is much easier to change.

Open Control Panel and click on "Sounds and Audio Devices".
Click on the Sounds tab.
In the Program events window, scroll down to "Start Windows", and select it.
Now, you can use the file dialog box below the window and select a different sound.
Use the play button to listen to the sound.

Click on apply once you find a sound you like.


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