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I want to know your real thoughts about this:

By voldar ·
Okay, I really want to know what chanses I have to find a job in IT field when I have the following background:
- 1996 - Diploma in Civil Engineering
>1996 to 1999 - civil engineer, designer
>1999 to 2000 - system engineer
>2000 to 2003 - network administrator (in fact IT manager) leading a team of 3 men
All these years -> in the same company (450 emploies).
As network administrator I upgraded the entire network (300 comps) to W2K (servers/computers), made the LAN grew to a WAN (two new locations in the country) and so on.
I had classes in Microsoft 2152,2153,2154, and I am MCP since 2002 (210,215,21 and heading for 216 next week to get my MCSA. I am thinking of taking the A+ cert, because I think is gonna be easy (I did a lot of computers and troubleshoot them since 1993 up today:)).
Now, I moved to Canada - Montreal, and I am here since two month. What do you really think? Do a guy like me should look for IT jobs? I really like IT field (this is why I changed my carrer), but now, I would really appreciate any advice.
I am fluent in French, and not so bad in English.

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