I want to learn how to design a database, how do I start

By Bamis4u ·
I will like to know how to design a database

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start with

by PurpleSkys In reply to I want to learn how to de ...

what software are you going to use? Access, oracle, etc? then find some tutorials on it and read

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While doing that...

by TobiF In reply to start with

Try to imagine for yourself, what you could use your new database for.
How would you model the reality you want to describe?
What relationships?
What features would help you to make your system useful?

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by santeewelding In reply to While doing that...

If this database serves as the algorithm of existence: screw up the relationships and the model makes life **** for everyone.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Specially

it could make carbon dioxide gas spontaneously congeal into diamonds.
And maybe they could be really really big diamonds, and they could fall on top of people I hate from very very high up in the air.
O - How I would laugh.
And then collect, wipe, sell.
And then I would laugh more. Much more.
But maybe that's what you meant?

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Presumably relational ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I want to learn how to de ...

Get a book/course/tutorial on database theory.

Learn the fundameantals.
Nullability, normalisation, relations.
Then pick a tool (my pick would be sql server express 2008 (free from ms)).
Choose what you want to design a database for and apply the fundamentals with it.
If you really want to learn it, do not start with the graphical tools. Do it in SQL.

If you are stuck for a starter example
Orders, Customers and invoices is nice and the classic hospital, patients and beds is a lot of fun.

Can a patient be in two beds?
Can one bed have two patients?
Can the bed switch wards?

Or change can to should or would?

Ah memories...

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by brian In reply to Presumably relational ?

well technically speeking, a bed can have two patients lol however yes, the fun memories that come back when i was trying to learn sql (though i am still not very strong but getting better :) ) On a suggestive side however, check out are some nice starter tutorials there for sql and it helped me start out, since then i have gotten more and more advanced, however i don't think i will EVER get the cross joins right lol...

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Schools isn't bad because they teach using SQL

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to LOL

not dragging arrows about on a GUI.

I'm always forgeting join syntax. It's not what I'd call intuititive. As long as you know it's there, F1 and Google will rescue you.

The real trick is to realise that a table is no more a rectangular array of cells than it is a piece of furniture.

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Rephrased: Keep your feet away when you issue command "DROP TABLE" :)

by TobiF In reply to Schools isn't bad because ...

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