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    I want to load my Clipchamp project from MS_website to my disk or cloud.


    by pimq ·

    I use free version Clipchamp (CCh) on the original CCh website. I have just downlouded and insalled new CCh app. And I would like to continue working on my older projects with my new app. Can anybodu write me, please, how to get my projects and send them into my comp? Petr Miklas

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      Reply To: I want to load my Clipchamp project from MS_website to my disk or cloud.

      by sepcomanzoorsebt ·

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      Hello Petr Miklas,

      To continue working on your older projects with the new Clipchamp app, you can follow these steps to access and transfer your projects:

      1. **Locate Your Old Projects**:
      Open the original Clipchamp website where you were using the free version. Log in to your account, and navigate to your projects or dashboard. Make sure you can see a list of your previously created projects.

      2. **Export Your Projects**:
      Within the original Clipchamp website, look for an option to export or download your projects. Clipchamp should have a feature to export projects as video files or project files compatible with their new app.

      3. **Save the Exported Files**:
      After exporting your projects, save the files to a location on your computer where you can easily find them later. You may want to create a folder specifically for Clipchamp projects to keep things organized.

      4. **Install the New Clipchamp App**:
      If you haven’t already, download and install the new Clipchamp app on your computer. You can find the app on the official Clipchamp website or in your computer’s app store.

      5. **Import Your Old Projects**:
      Open the new Clipchamp app, and look for an option to import or open existing projects. Navigate to the location where you saved the exported project files in step 3, and select the files you want to import.

      6. **Verify and Edit**:
      Once the projects are imported, review them to ensure everything transferred correctly. Check for any missing elements or issues that may have arisen during the transition.

      7. **Save Your Projects on the New App**:
      After verifying that your projects are intact and working as expected, save them in the new Clipchamp app. This will ensure they are accessible and editable for future use.

      With these steps, you should be able to smoothly transition your older projects from the original Clipchamp website to the new Clipchamp app on your computer. Remember to keep backups of your original projects in case of any unexpected issues during the transfer.

      Best of luck with your video projects!

      Kind regards,

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