I want to make a cloud antivirus to protect my network. is this possible?

By maximgamble ·
I have a server, and I want to make a cloud antivirus to protect my network. Is this possible

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Sort of, not really and only if you squint

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I want to make a cloud an ...

If you mean deploy via the cloud, as in download and update, basically what all current offerings do, cept. you changed internet to cloud.
As in get a machine to pass each file it wants checking to a program in the cloud for yes/no qurantine innoculate, probably. Of course that would slow you down to a crawl, and then there's security and privacy concerns. And figuring out how to opt in to the mechanism...
In short, yes, but you'd be barking mad.

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There are many good antivirus packages for servers already available...
Kaspersky, Avast, Microsoft Forefront, F-Secure come to mind.
Forget the "cloud" notion, run the protection locally on your server.

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Usually this costs more than doing it yourself.....

by drumright In reply to I want to make a cloud an ...

You can setup a external mail filter that will scan for spam/content/virus etc. This cost by the email address/
sure you can get a hosted server that you use to download files/host a ftp site for users and clients.
you could even setup a hosted terminal server that users login to from a rdp session, which is then used to do their work/access company files/databases/browse the web. (which you can access from anywhere in the world as long as you have a internet connection.) Note: anything your users need will have to be on this terminal server as remoting in to a terminal session to then go back through to your own internal servers for files, database queries/ etc is just silly. !!! * I do not suggest this, you pay for amount of storage/processors/memory/applications installed and amount of bandwidth used to connect and run these services. BTW each print session would be sent across the internet (encrypted and compressed but still not optimal)
I say purchase a business class or enterprise class AV solution that allows you to manage all domain computers/Servers from the management console.
Setup Alerts/update schedules/standard configs for you xp/vista/win7 PC's/ exceptions for server files that should not be scanned (live files/database files/etc)
create install templates for each type of OS in your network
create groups for the different types of Operating Systems in your network.
Push the remote installs for each OS to one box of each operating system that you could then verify installation success.
This my friend is the easiest solution that will allow you full control of your networks antivirus solution. Do your due diligence in reviewing which AV Server solution you need, check resource requirements, exchange functionality, False positive issues, network requirements (bandwidth for updates/remote scans), management control/config control. Last but most important your comfortability with the software, good software won't work if you can't manage it.

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