I want to reset the user account after log-off/reboot

By Cadej ·
After I will format the computer, install all programs and made all setting I would like to save this configuration and made it 'locked'. So everything I will do will be temporary and it will be reset after I log-off or reboot. So that nothing is (can't be) saved, no program (script) installed. So that I cannot get a virus or anyother malware. All my files will be saved on another drive (eg. partition).

Is this possible to do in Windows 7; no server, no domain, no additional sofware required?
Or any other better solution?

Thank you for assistance.

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Faronics Deep Freeze

by glen.harris In reply to I want to reset the user ...

Is probably what you are looking for. You can find out more at faronics dot com. Around US $35 per machine though I believe

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only Windows?

by Cadej In reply to I want to reset the user ...

What about user rights in windows? And restrictions?
Isn't there also a feature in Windows 7 that only specific programs are allowed?
And special scripts for doing this?

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to only Windows?

Might do a search of Microsoft's Knowledge Base for articles related to
Windows 7 in internet kiosk mode...should turn up a few ideas.

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by miller.carl In reply to I want to reset the user ...

I have a setup like the one you are describing and the way I achieve this is once the machine is setup how I want it (all programs installed, anti-virus/security, production suite, etc etc), I take an image of the hard drive and safe it. Anytime I want to go back to this state, I just do a restore of the image. I achieve this all through clonezilla, a free and open source hard drive cloning tool.

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