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I want to restore my Dell Inspirion Laptop

By pranaysharma1979 ·
I need to restore my dell Inspirion 600m laptop. I dnt have a OS CD and
would like to restore my MS Office too. I ubable to find the iso image
from which I could restore it. The laptop has become very very slow
and I have noticed unknown processes running in the Task manager.
Kindly help with complete steps.

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u ubable sol

by stress junkie In reply to I want to restore my Dell ...

if u ubable to find iso restore file then u ubable to restore computer

u need exprt to instal bootleg copy of wndwz and offce for no money

gud luk

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Can't tell you about your Office

by Tig2 In reply to I want to restore my Dell ...

You should be able to purchase a restore disk from Dell to reimage your OS. If your Office install was part of the original image, it will include it. Otherwise you will have to reload your Office from the original disks.

You should likely also consider a firewall. Zone Alarm has a free version that works well.

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All you need is ...

by dmarston In reply to I want to restore my Dell ...

The C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity)
If you have those (one for windows and the one for office) then you can get the media from anywhere (a friend, coworker, wherever) the point here is that it is the C.O.A. that makes it legal software, not the disks.
The Windows C.O.A. should be on a sticker on the underside of the PC. Unfortunately the Office C.O.A. is usually on the CD case, so if you can't find the CD's.. then no C.O.A.
If you CAN find the C.O.A.'s, then...
Backup your data..
(My Documents, email, favorites, whatever else you have)
Insert the Windows CD..
Boot from CD..
Format the drive..
Install Windows..
Goto and download drivers..
Install those..
Install Office..
Install any other software..
Restore data..
Should take about 4 to 8 hours depending on how much other software you need to install.

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The other option is to run Spy Ware Scanners

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I want to restore my Dell ...

& Cleaners over the system if you haven't tried this already. They should remove most of the unknown programs that are running.

You can try these for starters

Ad Aware SE

Spy Bot S & D

If you are running XP you should have the ability to use Magic Jellybean Key Finder to pickup the product keys for Windows and Office it's available from here

Though there should be a COA on the bottom of the MB with the Windows Product Key on it and if Office came pre installed new on your system it will be Slipstreamed on the Recovery CD which is available from Dell. The advantage of using the Dell Recovery Disc is that you will not need to go hunting for the various Drivers that you require as they will be supplied on the Recovery CD which you buy from Dell.

If you use an OEM Product with the Dell Product Key it's possible that things like your LAN and Modem may not work and you'll need one of these to get the drivers from the Dell Web Site so you can load them and gets the bits working to get the necessary drivers. It's a bit like the Chicken & the Egg thing all over again.

But if Office came Slipstreamed on your Recovery Disc all you'll actually need is the COA on the bottom of the NB and you can install everything with just that Key.

If you go that route you'll need to backup all your data and don't forget your E-Mail and Favourites as well as any data that isn't installed in the My Documents Folder and then wipe the HDD with a utility like Boot & Nuke available here

All the above are Free to download though Key finder may soon no longer be available but now it's listed for download.

However I would try to clean out the system first of any Spy Ware as it's faster and easier all you need do is download the 2 Applications listed above install them reboot if asked to and then update them like you would an AV program. When you have them both fully updated reboot into Safe Mode and run Ad Aware and remove anything that it picks up the run it again just to make sure that there was nothing hidden below what you picked up previously and to make sure that you actually removed the files that you thought you did.

When you either have a clean scan of Ad Aware or files that you can not remove run Spy Bot and you need to be careful here as it's capable of picking up programs that you use things like Windows Defender and Internet Banking for example are just 2 items but there may be many more depending on what you are using in the way of freeware. If you see a reference to something that you wish to keep using untick that item and then remove the remaining items then run the scan again just to double check. If it picks up more Spy Ware remove that and rerun the scan till it comes up with just your used software shown.

To get into Safe Mode press the F8 key between the POST Screen and the initial Windows Splash Screen and chose Safe Mode from the list. Don't chose Safe Mode with Networking as you have a minimal set of drivers and software installed & running so the chance of infection is so much greater. This mode is only for doing maintenance on your OS to remove items that you normally couldn't remove when they are running when Windows is in Normal Mode.


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