I want to send my CV

By mohhmad_rd ·
Dear sir
I want to send you a private message including my CV. I hope you could provide me with an e-mail so i can send you my message
thank you very much for your help
i hope you send me on my e-mail

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by Tig2 In reply to I want to send my CV

To whom are you speaking? Your message is posted to an open technical question forum.

Also, you should never post your email address on the internet. Web crawlers harvest anything in email address format for spamming purposes.

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by ManiacMan In reply to I want to send my CV
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THAT was not necessary

by Tig2 In reply to Retracted

The worst thing the poor guy did was ask a question in a question forum. He had already gotten the information he needed.

YOU need to recall that TR exists for page views, not your entertainment. This poster is a peer, same as you are. He deserves to be treated civilly. He did not ask for a hack or a product key. He was likely confused about how to reach someone.

YOU are NOT "we". Your caustic responses are NOT the views of TR, they are YOURS. You might want to keep this in mind.

And no, I believe that the majority of the membership here is actually in India. I'll ask Beth- she might know.

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You're right....what the heck was I thinking?

by ManiacMan In reply to THAT was not necessary

Alright, time for a timeout break to let off the steam.

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Lan administrator hardware and networkin

by i386_i668 In reply to I want to send my CV


Pls see the attached file of my resume for the post of computer engineer, i have approx 3.5 years experiance
in hardwae,natworking, and softwre and CCNA training configure(Router and Switch)


3.Lan security
5. Wi-Fi
6.Antivirus security
7.fireball security
9.Making Dos,inf, reg, bat file small patch
and services

work exp.3,8yrs

name : Parvinder
Conno: 9311870985 : 9**1159485

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If you had read the responses

by Jacky Howe In reply to Lan administrator hardwar ...

you would have noticed that TiggerTwo gave you some really good advice.

If you want to be contacted turn on Peer Mail.

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