I want to setup a Traveling Personal Network?

By flood_specialist ·
I travel quite a lot and find that always carting around wires and cables get very cumbersome. I would like to be able to have access to my wireless printer, scanner, and other items without having to create an AdHoc network which will be visible to the other guest in the hotel. Is there a way to do this with some security and wireless?

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Not really a good way to do that

by robo_dev In reply to I want to setup a Traveli ...

Your PC can only connect to one WLAN connection at a time.

In theory, if the hotel allowed you to connect your WiFi scanner/printer to their LAN, then you could just use it like at home. But you cannot do that.

You cannot plug in an access point or router, either, since the hotel will not allow a router or AP to join their network.

This leaves you with USB. If you're carrying a Scanner and a Printer, it's not like a couple of USB cables are going to somehow break your back, no?

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The only way I can see a possibility here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I want to setup a Traveli ...

Is to have a Second WiFi Connection available for your NB.

If it has the possibility of a CardBus Socket you can get a Cardbus WiFi Card and possibly use that to connect tot he Printer and so on while using the Inbuilt WiFi in the NB to access the Hotel Network.

However as this would effectively be working like a router which Hotels do not allow you to add it may create more problems than it solves.

Like the above suggestion as you are already caring the Scanner & Printer what is so hard about adding a couple of USB Cables?

Though I suppose if you have a Wired Internet Connection in your Room you could configure the NB WiFi to a Secured WiFi LAN for your Stuff and keep others out.


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Yes there is.

by Alpha_Dog In reply to I want to setup a Traveli ...

Set up a small wireless network and connect it to a wifi CPE to connect to hotels and the like. You could also use a personal hotspot from Verizon and connect via 3G/4G using all the wireless stuff you have.

Verizon's solution is easy, so I'm not going to address that. The page to examine the bit of kit is Other wireless carriers have similar systems.

The solution that I have used in the past requires a bit of work, but it keeps everything secure and connected. For this stunt I use 2 Ubiquity Nanostation Locos connected to each other ( One acts as my WAP for my equipment, is properly secured with WPA2 AES, and does not broadcast the SSID. I also only keep it on while I am working. The second Nanostation is set up to work as CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), and looks like a laptop to the hotel system. These systems have powerful web configuration panels allowing nearly any combination of configuration in the wireless bridge you have created.

For extra security, you can install a Yoggie firewall or AlphaShield firewall between the two nanostations, or wait for our next product. :)

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Reponse To Answer

by flood_specialist In reply to Yes there is.

Is the "Yoggie and AlphaShield" still available? Thak-you for your suggestion.

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Find the smallest wifi router you can.

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to I want to setup a Traveli ...

I'm not sure if this is easier but it is exactly what you described. Get the smallest wifi router you can find. All you do is plug it in to the wall. You don't actually need to plug an internet connection in to it becuase you are just making a personal network. You can set it up to have security that is just as good as any home office. Once configured when you power up all of your wireless devices they will be able to talk to eachother and you won't even be exposed to the internet making it as secure as wifi networks can get.

If you need internet access plug the laptop directly in to the wifi router and use your wifi for connecting to the hotel network or vice versa. You will need to carry an ethernet cable for this.

Either way you are carrying a large ammount of technology with you. Maybe you could glue the router a network printer and hard wire it together?

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Reponse To Answer

by flood_specialist In reply to Find the smallest wifi ro ...

Thank-you sir...just what I was talking about. This way I don't have to crowd everything on one table which is nonexistent in my hotel price catogory. I can and want to place items around the room and use the small table or desk for my laptop. I suppose I could glue all my equipment to my laptop, wire them, build a custom carry case, and carry on. Again, thanks.

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Hot Spots are awesome.

by ThatITGuyTy In reply to I want to setup a Traveli ...

Is your phone capable of creating a hotspot? Most smart phones today are hotspot-able, so if you have a phone that can generate one, that should help you out alot.

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