I want to share an internet Connection between two computers by a crossover

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I want to share an internet Connection between two computers by a crossover Cable,I alredy have a NIC Inbuilt in my PC's Motherboard .An ethernet Cable is connected to router from that port ,Can i Configure another NIC Card in my PC to Attach Another Computer By a Crossover Cable.please provide me the solution ,I am puzzled.MY Oerating system is Window XP.& other also is same.

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Would be much easier to...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to I want to share an intern ...

Simply plug another cable into your router for that purpose. It is, after all designed for that very function.

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Unless the "router" is just a modem

by TobiF In reply to Would be much easier to.. ...

In that case your best shot is to buy a cheap home router.
It will help you share your connection between several computers at home and will create an additional layer of protection from virus attacks over the network, thanks to the built-in NAT-firewall.

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This is true and here is a good rule of thumb...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Unless the "router" is ju ...

to follow in determining your needs. Most DSL modems are also routers in their function. Such is usually the case even if said modem only has one ethernet port on it. If its a DSL connection, your best bet would probably to purchase a network (4 or 8 port) "switch". This will, in its function prove to be the least costly and most effective solution in that it will keep your network from translating NAT twice.

Contrarily, if you have a Cable connection, it is most likely that you do not have a router attached within your network. Purchasing one would be in order for this scenario.

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However, at the same time

by TobiF In reply to This is true and here is ...

A router can easily be bridged into a mere switch, when needed. And these routers have come down in price significantly.

But, yes, if you happen to have a hub or switch somewhere at home and the built-in router in the modem allows more than one ip-client, then yes, you can do this.

(However, what I usually do is I put the WAN side of my own router in the DMZ of the modem's router, thus bypassing one layer of NAT.

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