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By casinongonclub ·
How possible is it to have Windows 10 or 8 on a laptop with an option to switch a switch and change to Google Chrome os?
- the switch would be on the side and have a touchscreen
- you can transfer data between the two with a wire inside the computer
- each system would work perfectly fine and have separate storages
- use the same battery and screen
- the same keyboard just add some more keys and they might not work in the chrome mode or window mode depending who they are owned by
- same shell or frame thing
- wifi and brightness and settings stay different
- works like a normal one laptop but with the switch mode and extra keys etc

so how possible is this? can I make it? would I need to hire a professional? around how much might it cost? and how come this isn't a thing already I mean you could have to laptops but I personally think this would be way cooler! thanks for your time and knowledge wish you all well!
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