i want to share internet through redhat 5 and configuer squid.

By Kwaku Anim ·
the problem i have now is both networks cards cannot browse the internet when i tested it. because of this i cannot connect the DSL and the LAN to this proxy server.How do i make both NICs work so i can connect my WAN and LAN to the server. Thanks

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You hve several issues here

by seanferd In reply to i want to share internet ...

but you don't provide any information on what exactly is wrong. What errors do you have? What shows up in the logs?

Did you set up anything, or did you just connect cables? Reading the documentation for Squid will probably help.

If you can provide specific errors, and there is no documentation covering this then post the error and someone can try to help.

Further, do you even have this connected correctly for your purposes according to the documentation? Note that the server and/or clients will need to be configured to use the Squid server as well.

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i have tried some connections but they failed.

by Kwaku Anim In reply to You hve several issues he ...

1. i connected the DSL to the eth0 ie the NIC on the mother board. and configured it with the ADSL-Setup command.

2. i connected the LAN to eth1 ie a NIC i added to the machine.
Actually this is how i want my connection to i can make the squid port transparent.

what is really happening is if connect a cable to eth1 it browses alright but if i connect eth0 it does not browse.i wish i can make both NIC work.

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by TobiF In reply to i have tried some connect ...

I get a feeling that either BIOS or your OS has some kind of priority system, where a connection made to an external NIC will disable the built-in.

You could check if the BIOS has any strange settings regarding ethernet ports.
Also check you didn't skip any steps in setting up the router settings.

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You may be able to use one NIC

by oldbaritone In reply to i want to share internet ...

I just set the access control on the DSL to allow internet access only to the server, using MAC address. Then the Squid proxy handles the requests for everyone else on the network. Everything is bound to the one NIC in the server. Users who attempt to connect to the internet directly are refused by the DSL router.

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can you explain to me more how you set up your squid.

by Kwaku Anim In reply to You may be able to use on ...

i tried configuring the DSL access control but i'm not sure of the steps. what will be the secure ip address or addresses. just tell me how you configured yours. will i have to configure the internet settings on LAN machines too.

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