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I want to work in Canada

By grommitsteed ·
I am 24 and living in the uk, I have recently come out of the British army and I am working as a technical support analist. During my time in the army I spent quite some time in Canada and would love to live there with my wife. Can anyone advise me on how to go about finding employment in this role as I have tryed all the obvious web sites to no great effect.

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by lilybelle In reply to I want to work in Canada

Canada is a VERY large country, what area of Canada do you want to live in? It very much depends which province you are moving to. I assume you have tried the sites like, and . The majority of IT openings are in Eastern Canada in Ontario. I'm in the Vancouver area and I can tell you the job market is not very good right now.

Try the hrdc Canada website at . Also, most newspaper classifieds are online now. will letyou choose a major city and view the classified ads for that area. Try contacting work/consulting agencies in the area as well and see if they'll hire you for relief or temporary work. It's a great way to get experience and get your foot in the door.

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Don't look westward past Alberta

by systemcrasher In reply to I want to work in Canada

Don't bother looking in British Columbia right now. There is very little available unless you are VERY experienced and fairly senior. Try the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, especially the city of Calgary. Things are better there and best around southeastern Ontario

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Get permenant resident visa!

by bangaloreit In reply to I want to work in Canada

Get permenant resident visa in the independent category first. Come to Canada and then look for a job. I don't think they hire you if you don't have the status to work in Canada. Good luck!

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