I want wireless for my laptop

By armccants ·
So I've had a laptop for a year now. When I want to get on the internet I used wireless and I connect to any available network within my range.

But I want my own wireless connection, so I wont have to worry about someone else stealing my info, or if their router or something messes up then I cant use the internet.

My question is how do I go about getting wireless for my laptop. And I dont wont a modem or router or whatever that I have to connect to a phone line or another modem or anything like that. I just want something anything that I can connect to my laptop and just use the internet. I have windows vista dont know what version.

But any information that you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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It's theoretically impossible

by INTT In reply to I want wireless for my la ...

To have personal, always ready, internet connection, wired or wireless, and not to pay for that.

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Need an Account with An ISP

by TheChas In reply to I want wireless for my la ...

If you want your own wireless Internet connection, you need to set up an account with an Internet Service Provider.

If you don't want to have a modem or a router, your only option is to go with a 3g or 4g connection from your cell phone provider. You will get a USB aircard that plugs into your computer. You should be able to use this connection in most places where your cell phone normally works.

If 3g is too expensive or not available, you have 3 choices for high speed Internet. Cable, DSL, or Satellite.

With any of the services, you end up with a modem. Many now include or have the option to have a wireless access point or router as part of the modem.

There really are no other options.


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