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i was blocked

By not an underage ·
ive got a problem with an online community. i really felt like the administrators blocked my ip address cos whenever i try to access their site i see an error message that says "this site doesnt exist" or something like that. the thing is that other members were able to access their site unlike myself.

what bugs me the most is that i replied to the last message the moderators sent me but they still blocked with no explaination at all. i told them that i am not an underage and i dont solicit sex which other members had complained about me.

how can i prove that i was really blocked from that site? is there a way that i can unblock myself?

well, im not really a computer whiz in fact i am the opposite of that. i felt like that my rights were violated. thanks.

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well a couple of things

by JamesRL In reply to i was blocked

Its rare to block by IP, because so many of us using PPPoE don't have fixed addresses. If you want to see if they really blocked your IP, try logging in from an internet cafe or a friends computer.

I'm afraid that depending on the rules of the community you mau just be out of luck. You don't have the "right" to access something, its a privelege that can be taken away - its like turning people away at restaurants for not wearing shoes - its not a legal requirement, its a rule, and "their site, their rules" applies. You may be right, they may be wrong, but you can't force them to see it your way, and its probably a waste of time and energy to try and accomplish that.

I would just look for another community, there are plenty of them out there.


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what's PPPoE?

by not an underage In reply to well a couple of things


thanks for the advice though.

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by jdclyde In reply to what's PPPoE?
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damn you!

by not an underage In reply to pppoe

if you cant have some respect then dont reply. LOSER!

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Respect is earned, boy

by jdclyde In reply to damn you!

first of all, you have done nothing to earn respect from anyone here. Quite the contrary.

As for my post, it actually was very respectful and I meant it.

A typical noob mistake is to ask basic questions that they could have learned that answers to with a quick google search (like I did).

I could and should have just told you to RTFB and **** off but I didn't. You hadn't been written off, yet. That has changed.

Your welcome for the answer, boy.

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[post deleted by admin]

by not an underage In reply to Respect is earned, boy

[post deleted by admin]

[Edited by: admin on Jan 25, 2006 8:20 AM]

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What rights?

by jdclyde In reply to i was blocked

you have no "rights" on someone elses system, EVER. It is their system, they can make the rules and enforce as they see fit. So get off that point right off the bat. Your not a victim that has a right to anything.

Now, on to the technical issue.

How do you connect to the internet? From school? Work? Home?

If home, do you have dial-up, DSL, Cable?

If dial-up, you get a new IP address everytime you dial in.

If DSL or Cable, turn off your "modem/router" that they provided and leave off for a few minutes. If you have your own access point, you will need to turn this off as well.

When you turn the modem/router back on, if DSL, it will have a new IP address. If Cable, it MAY hang on to the same IP address anyways.

Go there before and after you do the reset of your modem and it will let you know if you have a new IP address or not.

If the address did not change, call your provider and they can release this for you.

This will change your IP address, but then you will have to examine what you have done to be banned in the first place and modify your behavior or you will just be banned again.

Remember, even if you didn't do anything wrong, if someone else THINKS you did, then as far as they are concerned you did it.

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by not an underage In reply to What rights?

uve been a big help. i think ill just do that.

ur a real techy person. :)

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