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I was contracted as a network support

By zlitocook ·
Person to a bank, I accepted the contract. But I told the company that contracted me about my concerns, it was a 45 minute drive and did not meet the news paper job description.
I am going to be hired by the company in November. But I now have to do things that will effect every customer for the bank. Like printing invoices and sending out statements. I also print out checks for CDs and IRA?s. Now I will have to find rejected items like checks that were suppose to go into savings or a credit that was suppose to be a debit.
I told the COO that I was not familiar with banking and did not like handling money or checks, he said that what I do did not effect any of those things. I just need to close the day. But I heard that there was a big problem with the new software and a lot of money was lost. I just want to do my job, ie. Computer specialist, network specialist. But things that I do like doing keep popping up.

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Last line

by Oz_Media In reply to I was contracted as a net ...

I assume you mean, things that you DON'T like doing?

Well if so, welcome to IT.

I dount there is a single person on this site of many thousands that actually does a job as per description. YOu either have to A) Get used to it or B) Find a new career.

Sorry to sound blunt, but that's really the bottom line. You should try searching this site for 'not in my job description' and similar phrases, you will be STUNNED to see just how many people have posted similar issues here.

Sorry, it's IT and most managers do not see enough value in hiring someone for IT tasks, they will always have you multi task into areas so far from your description you will need bigger business cards.

I am a self employed net admin with a couple or permanent contracts, I STILL end up doing a bunch of jobs that aren't net admin related,whenever I am onsite, there's always someone who needs SOMETHING done from me that is new to me or not in my field, that's life but that's what we get paid for, diversity.

good luck with whatever you choose!

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Other duties as assigned

by Toucan In reply to I was contracted as a net ...

I worked at one company where the senior network manager was asked by the CEO to get some carpet spot cleaner and get a coffee stain in lobby. I'm sure you have read about supporting the bosses family and other related rants on this site - it may be part of your company's culture.

Naturally, avoid volunteering for anything outside of your job description, unfortunately odious tasks become yours for life if you do it once. Choose those battles carefully.

And finally, remember what ever they ask, at the end of the day you get paid the same. If they want to waste your valuable skills on admin tasks -- it's their company.

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Contract of Employment

by Alpha2004 In reply to I was contracted as a net ...

Every Employment Contract that I have seen, and that is a considerable number, contains a clause that reads something like this: " ....And any such task as required by tne management".

With regard to having to find rejected items, this sounds like a problem with the system that does not trap mistakes and usually does take a computer specialist to sort out.

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