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I was talking with a

By zlitocook ·
Friend about how jobs in the IT field are starting to come back and he said that his job is being out sourched to India! And thats the gotcha he moved here from India to get better pay!
In my state there are alot of IT jobs opening and they want people fast but most of the people moved in to other fields because the IT jobs that they were in were being cut/outsourced and what they did was added to some one elses job.
They now make more money and like the jobs they have, so there is less people here in the US to take the IT jobs. But the companys do not seem to look for people here to fill job any more they like looking over seas to find cheap labor.
But you get what you pay for! Cheap means poor quality, poor programming and ways to get into peoples ID's. We let third world countrys have all our information and we have no way to control it!
Sorry but the loss of alot of vet's info has me really p@ssed off.

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by mjd420nova In reply to I was talking with a

I had trouble with the comcast cable and call their trouble desk. The CSR was from the Philipino and was actually in Canada(toronto).
Needless to say the problem couldn't be solved and a tech was to be dispatched the next day. It solved itself by midnight, and I cancelled the service call. I think they're doing updates and haven't figured out how to do it without disrupting service and creating hundreds of calls that have to go to overflow centers. They really have no idea what's going on and seldom have a complete lookup to advise callers that there is an outage just by the volume of calls coming from certain areas. Initially immigrants came on visas to work and were sponsered by friends, relatives and even employers. They oftenget far less pay then their counter-parts. One boss I had proclaimed he could hire three of the imigrants for the pay of the top techs. Then he tried it and found it didn't quite work that way. It still took a top tech to go to each site and calm the customer and fix the mess. A bit like one guy walking three well fed great danes. A whole lot of running in every direction at once and more crap than you can handle.

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Not like Canada=India

by JamesRL In reply to Outsourcing

We aren't the third world, and working beside a major call centre I know we hire qualified staff and pay them a reasonable wage. And while we do have a few immigrants from other countries, they are all qualified.

You may complain that the call centre you called is in a different country - would you feel the same way about Canadians who end up getting routed to the US? It happens all the time.

For a while, Canada seemed to be losing to India on the outsourcing game, but now a few new call centres are opening here again.


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Nothing we can do about it

by don_makro In reply to I was talking with a

In these days is all about quantity, not the quality.
If we look around us, we can see that it is not only IT industry affected.

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Dilbert imitates real life

by DugaDugDug In reply to I was talking with a

As soon as I read your posting it made me think of this recent Dilbert cartoon (P.S. I'm not sending it to make fun of your friend and his situation, just showing that Dilbert, or in this case Scott Adams, once again knows what is happening in the real world and how stupid it can be/sound)

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A true story

by Neil Higgins In reply to Dilbert imitates real lif ...

of only three weeks ago.One of my sisters was having trouble with her local bank,so wanted them to send her a statement.Many days later,no statement.Due to work commitments,she's a school teacher,she phoned up the bank,again,and asked where the **** the statement was.The guy on the other end said one would be dispatched within a few days.My sister,normally calm,and peaceful,lost her temper,and told this guy to print out her statement,put it in a sealed envelope,put a stamp on it,and post it to her,that day.He said he could he was in India.My sister is in the UK.
In the end,she had to visit her local bank,and sort it out there.Never again,will she use her cell phone to call her local bank!!

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