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i won't ask next time - nt

By Dethpod ·
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by Dethpod In reply to i won't ask next time - n ...

I will keep that in mind. JK. The internet is comprised of angry monkeys throwing poop at each other and you volunteered to moderate that. Good luck with that.

FWIIW Ernie is an ignorant and opinionated man who likes to talk smack about things he knows very little of. When ppl say incredibly stupid things I tend to falter and succumb to the urge to offer elucidation on matters that are too complex to be addressed by the sweeping statements and absolute terms that Ernest likes to proffer. I also like telling loud mouth idiots that they are idiots. It is a weakness of mine. Please forgive me.

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but you are the only one

by PurpleSkys In reply to Thanx

that seems to disagree with what he says. At this point, I, nor anyone else by that matter, gives a hoot who's right, the whole thread is losts in mud slinging. Besides, it's not just you I'm talking to, it's DE as well. He seems to be the bigger guy as he's let it go. If you would both like to persist, take it to private message maybe.

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