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    I would like to create a public free Wi-Fi spot

    by facebook1591032344


    Hello everyone!

    I’m new on this forum so I hope that my message was posted in the correct category. I live in the center of the village, next to the public church, near the school, kindergarten, etc.. My internet connection at home is approximately 90/22 Mbps. I would like to share my internet connection with people coming around this square.

    My question is what do I need for creating such a spot. I know I need a Wi-Fi enabled router etc., but I certainly cannot allow people connecting to my Wi-Fi spot to search the devices on my LAN (printers, media servers…). Also, I need suggestions on hardware. Next, I want to make sure that my Wi-Fi will enable access to the visitors only and not to the people who live nearby. I’d like to have software running on my router that would allow maximum of three hours connection per device per day.

    My router and antenna will be placed on the window on the second floor. Which antenna and router should I buy to reach at least 20-30 meters of a signal on the ground?

    Thank you for your assistance in advance. 馃檪

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      Consider parameters before buying Routers

      by elvisgomes4292

      In reply to I would like to create a public free Wi-Fi spot

      There are many things to consider before buying the router. Most of the people consider the speed factor before buying the router, but there are many more aspects. Nowadays most of the routers come with AC moniker on their name. The AC standard means it supports the latest 802.11ac which offers fast Wi-Fi connection at 5Ghz. The number that comes after the AC is the maximum theoretical bandwidth the router can support. For eg, if you got an AC1200 router, it can, theoretically, supports up to 1200Mbps internet speed or if you got an AC1750, it can theoretically, supports up to 1750Mbps internet speed. Both the router AC1200 and AC1750 supports dual-band Wi-Fi running at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You can refer to this link “” to know more detail about the different class designation and which one to prefer.

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      Wi-Fi everywhere!

      by sandman1988

      In reply to I would like to create a public free Wi-Fi spot

      I think that there should be free Wi-Fi spots everywhere! I mean I know it’s not feasible because then companies like Verizon and Optimum won’t be in business anymore. But just like there are cell towers everywhere, there should be Wi-Fi towers everywhere. Maybe we can pay a few dollars to access it for like an hour or two.

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        windows wifi creating

        by mariopepper

        In reply to Wi-Fi everywhere!

        The easiest way to share the Internet is to use the latest version of Windows:

        1. Go to the “Start” menu, click on “Settings” (in the form of a gear), go to “Network Internet” – “Mobile Hotspot”.

        2. Select under “Internet connection sharing” the type of current connection that the computer uses to communicate with the network (for connection via network cable – Ethernet).

        3. Click the “Change” button to assign a network name and password to protect it.

        4. Go back to the first switch on the page (“Allow to use my Internet connection on other devices”) and activate it.

        You are all set! The new network will show up on devices within range of the antenna. You can disable sharing by deactivating the switch.

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